Mixquisite Corpse

by Various Artists.



This is an aborted compilation project from 2003, it was not released, when Les Disques Bazoline were shut down.
Concept: An Exquisite Corpse made of Sound.

I got replies from 13 different artists-producers, OK to participate (friends, or friends of friends) + I did 2 tracks, under 2 different names.
We had agreed on an order of appearance, depending on each and everyone's availability in a period of time.
The start: I sent the "tail" (+/- 15 last seconds) of a new track I was working on + 3 sound samples taken from it, to Michael Vater (Phonique, track 1). But not my entire song. He had to use that kit to produce his own thing, and his intro had to be based on the "outro" he had received. When done, he sent me his finished track, and had to provide artist n°2 in the list with the same kind of kit: the tail of his track + 3 sounds samples or instruments (of any kind of length).
And so on...

It was a "one after another" process, not everyone could be working at the same time, obviously.
The principle of the exquisite corpse (as in painting or litterature): I show you just a bit, a part of what I've created, not my whole work, and you have to start from that bit to create your own part.

It took maybe 6 month to be complete (+/- 2 weeks each).
It was fun when I had gathered everything, to put the mixed compilation together.
It almost mixed/sequenced itself, tracks could be crossfaded very easily, as the tail of track N was used in the intro of track N+1.

Each artist/producer owns 100% of the rights on his track.
This compilation has been uploaded just to remind to the people involved it has existed, and let anyone else have a listen.

As every producer could not be reached yet (long time, no see... and not everyone is on FB...), if any rights owner wouldn't want to see his track being uploaded here, please use the following contact link :

... to be continued ?


released October 30, 2015

Artwork used on this post as a "record sleeve":
Untitled. "Cadavre Exquis" by Joan Miró, Max Morise, Man Ray, Yves Tanguy 1927 ©. Pencil, India ink, crayon and collage on paper 36 x 23 cm.



all rights reserved


Dr Olive Belgium

Since 1994. Project of singer/composer/producer Dr Olive, with The Hoperators, a nebula of guests performers (on vocals, guitars, winds, lyrics, poetry)...
New 2-track single "Everblue / Swing Song Along" out March 12, 2017.
Coming later in 2017: New album "Maybeland", based on lesser electronics, more guitars, wind instruments and lead vocals, shaping a rock/pop/psychedelic renaissance.
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